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Changes to Funding that will affect BB Companies and Battalions!

11th Jan 2019


Education Authority Consultation on Changes to Funding that will affect BB Companies and Battalions! Tues 6 November 2018 - Tuesday 5 February 2018
The EA is asking for your views on proposals for a new Funding Scheme to support, for example BB Companies, BB Battalions and Leaders like you who provide youth work along with funding for Regional Headquarters such as the Northern Ireland District. This new funding scheme will replace existing schemes.They have launched a 12 week public consultation on the proposals for a new funding scheme for Regional (NIHQ) and Local Voluntary Youth Organisations (Battalions and Companies). The consultation opened on Tuesday 6th November 2018 at 4pm and will close on Tuesday 5th February 2019 at 4pm.

We are asking our BB companies to do three things:

Some Help... The EA has produced some guidance notes to read before completing the survey - please click here

Would you like to know more?
The EA has been running some consultation evenings on this proposed change to funding of youth work. You can register to attend one of the remaining sessions near you by clicking here
Please note you are free to respond exactly how you wish. However we understand if you are not dealing with this everyday, some of the terminology and 'lingo' may not be familiar to you and it is hard to know what the implications are. Therefore to help you we have indicated below what the Northern Ireland District of the Boys' Brigade will be saying when responding to the survey on behalf of a Regional Voluntary Youth Organisation.

Q1: NID advises you to respond 'on behalf of a local voluntary youth group'.
Q2: Note! If your answer here is 'no' and your BB company is not registered with EA and therefore not currently in receipt of EA funding, we encourage you to register with them. See further details below.
Q3: Please include 'BB Company' or 'BB Battalion' in this box.

Q4-7: NID is selecting 'uncertain' for all of these as there are significant concerns relating to support for unregistered local groups and the anticipated impact on funding received by NID to provide services and support for Companies and Battalions across Northern Ireland.
Q8-10: NID is selecting 'agree'.
Q11: NID is selecting 'yes'.
Q12: NID is selecting 'don't know'.
Q13: NID is proposing two key points in response:
(i) We understand that many young people are part of the voluntary youth sector, but not part of a registered group. It is therefore essential that these young people will continue to benefit under the new funding scheme;
(ii) We understand that there are 15,000-20,000 volunteers in the voluntary youth sector. It is therefore essential that these volunteers, who are vital to the ongoing work of the voluntary youth sector, continue to be supported by the new funding scheme.

Not Registered to Receive Funding from EA?
The Education Authority youth service operates a grant-aided annual registration scheme for youth groups in Northern Ireland.
The 2018-19 registration is currently closed, but guidance on the process and forms for this period can still be viewed by clicking on the button below. We encourage you to register for the 2019-2020 session. On average, registered BB Companies receive in the region of £500 per session. Please note some Battalions are registered with EA for funding.

The Education Authority is a non-departmental body sponsored by the Department of Education in Northern Ireland. It was established under the Education Act 2014 which was passed by the Northern Ireland Assembly. The Authority became operational on 1 April 2015. It provides annual funding to local youth groups such as BB Companies, local area groups such as Battalions and Regional Headquarters such as the NI District.

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